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Health care, or care for our health, is more than a science and a for-profit industry. It is an art for which we each have the talent and the resources to excel. Our curiosity and our powers of observation provide continued motivation. It is by committing to our selves that we harness the discipline required to succeed.

My goal is to offer my services as a participant in the powerful process of healing, and ultimately to help people become more familiar with the craft of healing for themselves.

Private Treatment Sessions

Treatment sessions are a time for honoring the rhythms of the body and recognizing what the body needs. They are about paying attention and responding to what is called for.

When a patient or client presents with a request for assistance, I come to the table with knowledge about the relationship of anatomy and physiology to wellness and illness. I bring skills of perception and I bring the experienced hands-on-techniques I have mastered.

For those who are injured, I identify lost or mal-function and assist in restoring balance. For those who are well, I teach how touch can deepen awareness and establish dialogue in a language the client understands and to which the body responds.

On Being Present

To be truly present is to be engaged with life. Our natural inclination is to learn about and expand this quality of presence as we develop and grow. The greater our capacity for presence, the greater is our capacity for life and health and creativity.

This premise is central to my work. I am concerned with the role of the body in developing greater awareness and presence. By paying attention to the relationships between structural alignment, movement and functional well being, I help to foster a deeper self awareness, and thus create greater opportunity for the body to find balance.