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Pondering Pandora

Pandora_-_stickyPandora has been whispering to me for months now, but as I prepare for the Resurrecting Pandora workshop this Sunday she is especially present. Her proverbial box spills illness and disease, the flu epidemic threatening friends and loved ones. Greed and selfishness and ignorance abound in the collective: will we ever learn to play well with one another? I take refuge in the myth-how can I see Pandora as evidence of my mortality, memory of my divinity, and teacher of the mystery that is my life? If Pandora is rumbling under your foundation and beckons you to join us, we will make you welcome. Constant Contact registration is closed, but email me cathy@cathyenglehart.com if you would like to come along.

Cathy Englehart


I offer chiropractic care, cranial therapy and movement instruction. My goal is to assist you in achieving and maintaining vital health and showing you how physical alignment can foster alignment in all aspects of living.